What to Expect

  • Dr Noore will perform a comprehensive assessment (history taking, mental state examination, physical examination, questionnaires and other investigations) to diagnose your problem and for treatment planning. Such a comprehensive assessment may take to more than 1 consultation. Dr Noore will send a comprehensive letter to your referring doctor about your condition and its management.
  • The first 2 visits will be of 1 hour duration.
  • Depending on your circumstances and if medically necessary, follow up consultation may be required.
  • Medication is not prescribed until the third visit.

You may have been referred to this appointment to assess your suitability for Opioid Agonist Therapy. Permission to treat patients under this scheme has to be obtained from NSW Health and takes 7 days to obtain.

Services Not Provided

  1. Anorexia Nervosa
  2. Bulimia Nervosa
  3. Borderline Personality Disorder
  4. Intellectual Disability
  5. Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  6. Autism Spectrum Disorder
  7. Dr Noore does not provide legal reports to patients to challenge Australian Government benefits, payments, pensions, housing or support services
  8. Dr Noore does not provide medicolegal reports unless you are referred by a third-party solicitor for an independent report and treatment. If you are your own legal representative he wont provide you with a report.
  9. Dr Noore does not provide assessments for driving and gun licences
  10. Dr Noore does not provide medicinal cannabis treatment
  11. Dr Noore does not provide treatment with stimulants for ADHD or narcolepsy

Dr Noore treats patients with the following conditions

Chronic Pain
Psychiatric Disorders
Chronic Pain complicated by Opioid Use Disorder

Dr Noore uses the following Treatment Modalities

Pain Neuroscience education
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
Rational Medication Prescribing

Dr Noore Presentations

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders in Adults Download
Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease Download
Depression & Cardiovascular Disease Final Edit Download
Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Download
Post- traumatic stress disorder Download

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